Equip binoculars

This equipement are optical enhancements for the hunter to use at his disposal. It increased the distance at which the player can see rather instantaneously. Features of the binoculars are zoomed view, an animal scanning feature that shows the animals's weight/length/distance, and the ability to zoom in and out by keyboard keys "-" and "+" on the right numpad. This is a great tool in planning strategic approaches in each hunt as it lets the hunter scan the enviorment before making a decision. If a hunter is hunting (without tranquilizer) binoculars are good to use to prioritize targets based on desired characteristics. One weakness of this tool is that it decreases the feild of view, unconcerning hunters may be ambushed by carnivores. Binoculars are a good way to line up the iron sights of weapons that do not have very definite line of fire such as the X-Bow, this is especially useful when lining up a shot weilding the Sniper Rifle when aiming at the eye of Tyrannosaurus.

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